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“Ian’s collection offers an insider’s perspective on one of Wales’ most notorious cases and the subsequent miscarriage of justice. We are proud to provide a platform for such an important and thought-provoking collection.”

Jamie Aherne Founder of Blackwater Gallery

Ian Mackenzie Art

"Ian's masterful portrait is now in pride of place on our hall wall, where it gets much appreciative attention" - Sian Williams

913 Resized 910 x 610mm  DSC07422 copy 2.jpg
Nation of Hope
913 Resized 910 x 610mm  DSC07422 copy 2
A New Life Resized 810 x 610mm DSC09326 a
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Resized Lighter 915 x 610mm  x DSC09290
The Day The Village Stood Still Resized 600 x 810mm_edited_edited
My Little Urchin Resized 455 x 610mm DSC07403 Copy 3a brighter for website
Thank God it's Friday Resized 420 x 596mm DSC09142 a
Fire and Blood Resized 508 x 406mm DSC09060 a
Grit and Soul Resized 406 x 508mm DSC09081 a
Date Night - Nos Dyddiad Resized 450 x 360mm DSC09160 a
Please Resized 215 x 145mm DSC09266 a
Hold Fast Resized 510 x 405mm DSC09055 a
Cigarette Resized 145 x 215mm DSC09221 a
Together Resized 215 x 145mm DSC09242 a
Chain 2 Resized 145 x 215mm DSC09210 a
Chain 1 Resized 145 x 245mm DSC09193 a
The Fast and The Furious Resized 600 x 420mm DSC09102 a
Date Night - Nos Dyddiad Resized 450 x 360mm DSC09160 a
Friend for Life
The Portrait of Hope
The Wait
Bread of Heaven
The Miner's Prayer
Love in Every Port
Shore Leave
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Bread of Heaven II
The Heart of the Nation
Blood of the Nation
Rich Veins for Poor Men
A Roof Over Our Heads
Signature White Writing with -- Ian Mackenzie Art -- JPEG.jpg
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