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Ian Mackenzie is an artist based in South Wales. He works in rich detailed oils on canvas.

He has a unique eye for colour and precision and as such many of his paintings represent a photorealism style.

Ians influence to paint comes from the study of the subject, the emotion involved and the interaction with the surrounding environment.

Many of his commissioned pieces have enthused not only the recipient, but also the painter himself by the overwhelming emotion of their positive reaction.

Ian says “this reaction drives me to achieve more. In the first instance art allows me the escape we all desire. But it is the journey of creating a piece of art for someone else that intrigues me giving consideration to the response of the recipient come the final brush stroke.”

His work is influenced by the contemporary paintings of Mitch Griffiths, closely followed by Mathieu Bassez and Istvan Sandorfi. He is also an admirer of the master of light and dark, Caravaggio.

This website gives examples of some of the work that Ian has created recently.

Awards & Nominations:

2020 Jan       

Y Galeri Caerphilly - Winner of the Open Art Lannion Award 2020