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This printed colour book is signed by the Author Ian Mackenzie. Limited number available.


Discover the secrets behind Ian Mackenzie’s luxury art and how he creates both beautiful and controversial artwork.


Have you ever desired to know the story behind the painting? Have you ever wanted to own artwork of such richness and value? Then this book is for you.


Finding out how to turn life experiences into luxury art, here Ian Mackenzie reveals all.

He takes you on a motivational journey of emotion and humour from his early days of creativity with twists and turns of life, through to his current artwork, describing his thought process behind each piece with the passion and desire of a painter and storyteller that will evoke, challenge and inspire you.


“What makes an artist? You could ask this question to many an artist and get a different answer but underlining most would be the one word - life. And in this book Ian Mackenzie gives an honest account of his and how it effects his art. A truly inspirational story of someone following his dream.”  Gareth Hughes Broadcaster and Journalist.

SIGNED "The Storytelling Artist - The Road to Controversial Art" Printed Book

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£11.99Sale Price
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