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The Art of the Political Assassin

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

As I sat with bated breath watching one of the greatest calamities I had witnessed in the world of politics, I smiled wryly as the consequences flashed before me, one after another. Initially I could not believe what I was seeing. It just did not make sense. The whole world and its media were tuned into this very instant. The single most important moment of that person’s career to date was about to be pushed to its limit.

How on earth could the huge mechanism that I knew all too well fail right in front of my eyes and go into meltdown? What I was witnessing would have ramifications for years to come. This was the real modern world at play, live and in your face, and many people would seriously be in the firing line for it .............................. to be continued in "The Storytelling Artist - The Road to Controversial Art"

And with a bang, the first chapter kicks off combining an actual situation drastically affecting a particular individual with a catalogue of errors that would be talked about for years to come.

One of the largest painting that I have created started to unfold. It involved four individuals entwined by their individual actions coming to the notice of a fifth person, who brought a different view of their world to the attention of the media and subsequently to us, the public. The thrill of creating the scenarios that took place combined careful planning, a brazen attitude to succeed, and a rush of adrenaline to eliminate any thought of the consequences that await a failed attempt.

Of course, there are a limited number of people who can combine such skills and even less who can execute their actions, acquiring a story to tell late into the night in the bar with a group of close friends, let alone a whole country witnessing it live on tv.

Part One Chapter 1 of "The Storytelling Artist - The Road to Controversial Art" reveals who this celebrity is and what they have to do with me.


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