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"Land of Passion – Gwlad Llawn Angerdd"

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Passion. The want, the lust, the desire. The intense feeling, the conviction and the single-minded focus that fuels the willpower to overcome even the most daunting of obstacles or fears. Its rewards are unbelievable. It is the difference between mediocracy and unbound success.

Passion exists in individual forms as an aspiration or a longing. It also exists as a collective drive of tribal proportion. As every nation knows, harnessing this extraordinary energy is so compelling and powerful, the Italians for women, the French for wine, the Welsh for rugby, just some stereotypical cliches we associate with passion. No matter what it is, passion is as strong as ever, and exists far and wide.

There is nothing more passionate than the united Welsh nation on match day when they host one of the formidable home nation teams at the Millennium Stadium. The rousing male voice choirs uplifting the hopes of the viewers, the roar of the crowd, the colour red, all feeding the passion of many willing the few who represent all, to succeed.

The individual whose passion is the drive behind them becoming a better person as they rise above others in achievement in an activity that excites them. The excitement becomes the passion, and the passion forms the drive to achieve more.

Once you have it, it is the sole reason that makes you get up in the morning and physically move towards your dream, your goal. It ensures that you put one step in front of the other, ticking off the menial activities that allow you to focus on that one aim, which may very well be somewhere in the distant future, or be so far removed from reality, that others do not believe in it or just cannot see it. But the passion deep inside you to succeed, firmly routes you to that pathway and each step you take.

Passion can lead to all kinds of success and self fulfilment for an individual or a team. It can also very easily become a curse and destroy many aspects of life. Treat it with care and respect and apply it to the skills you want to improve or the goal you wish to achieve.

Having a passion for something specific rather than carrying out an action or an activity just for the money, often results in having a more positive and greater outlook on life. The rewards are genuine and lasting with such a simple mindset.

So, who has passion? The answer lies somewhere in the notion that passion is a feeling for something deep within. It is a want, a desire, it is not something that is taught. Facts and figures are taught and create knowledge. The desire to want to know more of these in a particular area, is the very passion that will make you achieve more than the person just relying on absorbing the facts and figures alone. The passionate person will apply these facts and figures in a more fulfilling way.

Can passion make you rich? The question here is the measure of being rich. Having a passion about something adds value to what you do. You have a reason to do it and a sense of purpose. It creates depth to your activity. Passion will increase your knowledge. In applying it in circumstances with others, it brings value in your activity for those with you. If value in your chosen activity is a measure of richness, then yes, passion most definitely makes you rich.

Success very much depends on being passionate as it gives a sense of worthiness to the achievement. The passion makes you get up in the morning and walk or run down that road to wherever your dream is. Most of the time, this is a never-ending road. And so it should be, because if you achieve something very easily and in a short time, where is the challenge now which made you get up in the morning? What are you going to get up for the following morning?

Then of course, there is the passion for another person. Somebody, somewhere becoming the attention of your desire, your lust, your boundless zeal for them. Another temptation that can push you to the extreme, blinkered by your focus.

Do you need passion in life? Well, if you have not experienced it, and I imagine there are very few who have not, then perhaps if this is you, then no. But, once bitten, it is there forever. How it manifests itself, is determined by the focus and the desire in your life.

Whether aimed at a person, a team, a career goal, or a hobby, apply it in full and experience it becoming your guardian angel, guiding your efforts and commitment to help you achieve your aim like never before.

“The Land of Passion – Gwlad Llawn Angerdd” depicts a country of passionate individuals, united by their desire for victory on the pitch, in the classroom, and in love. Represented by a history of being second, downtrodden and forgotten, by aspiring beyond the status quo, this painting represents every individual passionate thought, action and achievement, and the subsequent unification of a nation.

Passion. Nurture it, control it, and it will bring endless value to your life.

Ian Mackenzie

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